For Owners

Your tasting room is the first impression customers get of you, your service and your wine.  A trial and error approach works for those with no goals.  Do you want customers coming to your tasting room?  What will they remember about the experience?  Where is your profitability?  What do you need in tasting room staff?  You don’t get as second chance to make that first impression.  Your tasting room doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it does have to have some qualities that will keep your customers coming back.

Successful business practices for your tasting room—from layout, to merchandising, to wine club, events and social media.  Other services include guidance in establishing a Virginia winery, developing a business plans, interviewing staff and surveying tasting room visitors. One hour planning consultation - FREE.  

For Tasting Room Staff

It’s most important that you have the customer service skills needed in the wine industry—how to greet customers, how to engage in conversation, how to open a wine bottle, what does the year on the wine bottle mean and more.  Working as a team and doing the "dance" behind the bar.  Customer service classes are $45 per person for 4 hours of training.  Training material included.

For Wine Tasters

You can make the best of your wine tasting experience.   Here are some simple things to keep in mind:
1)     if you have an appointment, be prompt
2)  inside voices, not all of the wineries are acoustically stable
3)     be courteous to your server, that is IF you want to sample
4)     be patient, you’re not the only one
5)  swirl, sniff, sip and spit if you are visiting more than two wineries
6)     feel free to tip the person that served you
7)     clean up behind yourself, unless otherwise directed
8)     if you enjoyed your experience, tell them
9)     if you didn’t enjoy the experience, contact management and tell them why
10) it's not a bar, it a place to sample wines before you purchase them