Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Busy" Season in Wine Country

That's what we call it in the wine industry.  After the lull of the winter, patrons find their way to the tasting rooms to alleviate their cabin fever.  You'll find that you may not have enough staff or in the previous weeks, you've had too much staff.  REAL wine tasters don't mind the wait, they're not in a hurry.  No one can predict the flow of tasting room traffic.  Keep good records, check and see what else is happening around you and make note of it.

So how are you prepared for the "busy" season?  Did you remodel?  Are you offering new wines, new programs or new items in your retail store?  What's changed?  How are you conveying the news to your customers?  In other words, how are you going to get them in the tasting room?  Email blast, paper (bleh) newsletter... try Facebook.  If you haven't used it before, it is very empowering to be able to deliver information and have it shared.  Continue with you email service, there are still many people that are not using Facebook.

Take a little time to do some dusting in those hard to reach places.  Check the plumbing, touch up the paint and put out a new welcome mat and freshen the gardens.... customers EXPECT it.

Take a look at your menu - can they read it.  The majority of wine tasters are over 40 and they have over 40 eyes, which means font needs to be 12, preferably 14.  You want them as comfortable as possible and that includes their eyes.

Happy Spring